Forget ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, There’s A New Grim Cartoon About Train Safety

Forget ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, There’s A New Grim Cartoon About Train Safety

Did it take you months to get the Dumb Ways To Die tune out of your head? Well, unless it’s already in there, don’t worry – we’re not about to play it again. Instead, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles has gifted us with a new train safety ad campaign that shows similarly gruesome outcomes for those engaging in unsafe behaviour around trains.

The new animated campaign gives you at least SIX new ways to die due to being a dickhead around trains, with clip titles ranging from ‘Heads -Up or Headless?’ and ‘Mindful or Mangled?’

You can check them all out at the bottom of the article, but here’s a quick sample:

Viewers get a charming little back story for each character, making it more personal, before the chipper voiceover explains how naivety and absentmindedness led them to an unsavoury demise.

It’s done with stick-figures, so don’t worry, there’s no actual blood, but the ads serve their purpose in achieving the ultimate goal: less train safety-related deaths on one of the deadliest light-rail lines in the country.

Enjoy the rest of the ads here:


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