Meet JustEggs: The Digital Agency Driving Customers Back In-Store

Meet JustEggs: The Digital Agency Driving Customers Back In-Store

Retail is constantly evolving, and there’s no question that the pandemic has accelerated the evolution.

One agency that is helping retailers stay ahead of the ever-changing curve is JustEggs.

Founded in 2013, JustEggs specialises in customer acquisition and retention, combining creativity with media. The agency has created over 1,000 campaigns for clients that have delivered some very tangible results.

While many creative companies focus on the online space and driving purely online results, JustEggs also focuses on using their dynamic creative and tech experiences to help drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

So, what exactly does that mean?

Well, the agency found that location-based media was previously separated and difficult to report on, so it created EggNite: a platform that brings the disciplines together and offers clients a way to track and understand campaign data.

The agency offers dashboards that measure creative, media and footfall, making it a whole lot easier for clients to understand results, like how many customers actually went into the store based on the campaign and the performance of the corresponding creatives.

It’s a model that has seen the agency achieve a wide-ranging portfolio, working with clients like Metcash, Metricon, PUIG, Brown Forman, H&M just to name a few.

Ultimately, JustEggs applies common sense to creativity, always ensuring their campaigns are relevant and have strong links between media and measurement

And it’s the relevancy and effectiveness of these campaigns that have allowed JustEggs to grow, with the agency having recently welcomed Harpreet Kibbe as its new national solutions director. Kibbe joined JustEggs from EMX Digital and has a love of tech and communication.

The agency believes every employee is crucial in making its campaigns a success and the team works collaboratively. It’s an all-hands-on-deck approach that involves the team building on each other’s strengths and treating each other with kindness.

JustEggs CEO Nik Kontoulas, said: ‘We have always focused on what tomorrow looks like.

“During the pandemic, we have bunkered down to listen to what outcomes brand managers/retail marketers want from their digital campaigns, which has brought us to focus on tangible results with our digital campaigns.”

JustEggs is making a real name for itself in the retail marketing space by combining creativity with real-time results to generate campaigns that get customers back in-store.

To find out more about the agency, click here.

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