Meet B&T Bootcamp Mentor Damian Pincus: Founder & Creative Partner At The Works

Meet B&T Bootcamp Mentor Damian Pincus: Founder & Creative Partner At The Works

Have you heard the good news? B&T Bootcamp is back! Following a successful inaugural event last year, one of the best and most educational days on the industry calendar is returning in 2019, presented once again by MediaCom.

In the lead up to this not-to-be-missed event we thought we’d interview some of the amazing mentors you’ll hear from on the day, and their thoughts on all things media, marketing, and advertising. This week, we spoke to Damian Pincus, founder, and creative partner at The Works.

How vital are young people to the media industry?

Young people are key to any business, they represent new blood, new thinking and hopefully challenge the status quo. New skills are learnt at great universities that business can embrace and implement.

How are young people “disrupting” the media industry?

Stuart Marsh at 9 Finance is a great example of someone disrupting the media industry. He took over editorial on 9 Finance and took a lean, more social way to distribute his stories. He grabbed an iPhone, tripod and mic and started broadcasting. This low-cost immediate way of getting stories out has had a massive influence on the success of 9 finance.

What can the industry do to attract and retain young talent?

Initially, we need to be an industry that is attractive to work in. So people and culture initiatives are vital, we need to keep in step with other industries. Flexible working hours, training, respect for time dedicated to expanding their own horizons are some examples. The product we create needs to be celebrated and we need to give talent the opportunity to shape the future.

What’s the biggest challenge young people face in the media industry? 

The business is becoming rationalised. Technology is starting to take over and this will continue. But innovation and smart strategic thinking are needed. We must focus on what machines can’t do. Become an insights expert.

How can young people avoid ‘burn-out’ and create a better work-life balance while working in the industry?

Choose the right company to work for.

How important is ‘passion’ in the industry? 

Passion is key, it’s addictive to work with people who have it.

How can the industry work towards creating a more diverse workforce?

Fish in different ponds, stop always looking in the same place and expecting to get a different result. Give the recruitment agencies a shake up.

What was your biggest learning as a young ‘adlander’?

Get really good at what you do, and always keep your eyes wide open. And don’t lose sight of what we actually get paid to do. SELL.

If you could re-do the start of your career, what would you change?

Nothing, as it has made me who I am and helped get where I am today.

What wouldn’t you change?

I worked bloody hard when I started as I really knew nothing. I learnt from good people who were generous with their time.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give young people starting out in the industry?

Listen, listen, listen. Then have a point of view.

B&T Bootcamp takes place on 18th March at the Federation Conference Centre in Surry Hills. Check out the full line-up on the website and grab your tickets today!


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