“Mary Poppins Was Right”: 10 Of The Best With WPP AUNZ’s Rose Herceg

“Mary Poppins Was Right”: 10 Of The Best With WPP AUNZ’s Rose Herceg

B&T is cracking on with our new interview series, ‘10 of the Best’, which has been created in celebration of our inaugural Best of the Best awards.

[Looking for the live stream of B&T’s Best of the Best awards? You’ve found it – click here!]

Presented by Finecast, Best of the Best will bring something unique to this year’s awards season. While most awards focus on the work of an agency or company as a whole, Best of the Best will celebrate the immense individual talent on show in every area of advertising, marketing and media.

Our Best of the Best awards will also be celebrating the people who continue to do the most, with categories for mentors and social change-makers.

You can find a breakdown of all the different categories here, along with a downloadable file outlining the full submission criteria.

Come on, you know you want to enter! Head on over HERE to complete your submission/s by Friday 25 June 2021.

To inspire you even more to enter Best of the Best, we’ve been publishing (and will continue to publish) some fab interviews with a number of senior folk from Finecast and the broader WPP AUNZ network.

Today, we chat to Rose Herceg, chief strategy officer at WPP AUNZ. Enjoy…

Best piece of career advice…

Be exceptional every day and the reputation takes care of itself.

Best agency in Australia at the moment (that’s not yours) and why…

whiteGREY. Scrappy. Gutsy.

Best industry leader and why…

Chris Rollinson, chief financial officer at WPP AUNZ. A man who follows the money and does it with class. Understated. Deadly accurate.

Best mentor in your life/career and why…

My dad. Best strategist I’ve ever known. Always saw the entire chess board. Best person I’ve ever known too.

Best brand you’ve never worked on and why…

Vanity Fair. The last of the great magazines. Actual journalism.

Best song for inspiration and why…

“Jebidiah Moonshine’s Friday Night Shack Party” by Audra Mae and The Almighty Sound. Makes me dance like I did when I was a kid.

Best mistake you’ve ever made…

Blew a million bucks the second year of my business. In my twenties. Sobering.

Best rumour you’ve heard about yourself…

I once worked for ASIO. One day I might.

Best ad of the past decade and why…

‘Dumb Ways to Die’. Proving that Mary Poppins was right – a spoon full of sugar (in the form of humour) does indeed make the medicine (a serious message) go down.

Best guilty pleasure…

Three movies in one day at any cinema: a 1pm session with a vanilla choc top, a 3pm session with a spearmint choc top and a 6pm session with a cookies and cream choc top. Plus, dinner: large popcorn, red frogs and M&Ms. A balanced meal. All food groups represented.

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