Satirist Mark Humphries To Leave SBS’ The Feed

Satirist Mark Humphries To Leave SBS’ The Feed

Famed satirist and TV personality Mark Humphries has announced he will be exiting SBS’ The Feed today.

In a post to his Facebook page, Humphries thanked his team and said he considered himself “extraordinarily privileged” to have worked on the show.

Tomorrow is my last day at The Feed SBS VICELAND. I have been extraordinarily privileged to work on the show and I am grateful to all of you who have supported the work Evan and I have done. The time feels right for us to move on.

I must first thank our original Executive Producer Nick Hayden for hiring us, and his successors Lani Hargreaves and Mike Clay for not firing us. The entire team at The Feed have been hugely supportive and I will miss them all.

We have been blessed to work with extraordinary shooter/editors including Mark Tadic, Yasmin Bright, Dean Brosche, Dave May, Jack Hibbert, Elle Marsh, Cem Hizli, Fin Linegen and, most significantly, Chloe Angelo. They work under insanely tight deadlines to get our sketches to air and every single one of them has made the sketches into much more than they are on the page.

Similarly, so many of our sketches have been vastly improved by the work of The Feed’s graphics team. Dan Holohan, Miller Marshall and Pat Forrest have taken our vague ideas and crafted them into stunning, professional images. They have all added their own visual comedic flair to our written concepts.

Across all of SBS, we have relied on the talents of countless employees who have appeared in our sketches. They are not actors and yet they consistently rose to the occasion and delivered the performances we needed, all the while trying to get on with their real jobs. I should also make special mention of SBS’ MD Michael Ebeid who has not only been a great supporter of our work but is an incredible champion for the work done across SBS in all its forms. I feel privileged to know him.

Finally, I would like to thank my co-writer, Evan Williams. He receives a tiny fraction of the praise that I do, but none of this would have been possible without him. He is, to my mind, the best comedy writer in the country and I have been extremely fortunate to get to witness his genius every day. We will still be writing together and are hoping to bring you something new soon, but for now, this is the end of our work at The Feed.

To you, the person who has made it to the end of this post, thank you for supporting the work Evan and I have done. Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing the sketches you’ve enjoyed and for politely ignoring the duds.

Mark Humphries

Humphries garnered public attention and adoration for his plethora of spoofs, the most recent including a takedown of Barnaby Joyce’s Seven interview as well as a Struggle Street parody.

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