Man Uses Front Page Of The Observer To Propose To His GF…But Did She Say Yes?

Man Uses Front Page Of The Observer To Propose To His GF…But Did She Say Yes?

While it seems Tinder and Grindr and all the rest have completely killed modern day romance, it seems some people out there still have a penchant for charm.

And that includes young James Grieg, who took out the entire front cover of not just one, but all of The Observer Magazine covers, on Valentines Day to surprise his sweetheart with a proposal on a grand, somewhat awkward, scale.

Greig is pictured on one knee holding a ring for Katie Moore, next to the words: “Will you marry me, Katie?”The article says they are “in a hotel in the countryside… as soon as we hear her answer we will let you know.”

The magazine article tells the story of the pair, who met in New York through friends and began a relationship, despite Moore living in the US and Greig residing a whopping 3,500 miles away in London.

Moore took part in the interview, after being told The Observer was doing a story on long-distance relationships for V Day. Little did she know…

The Observer says the proposal is a first for a national newspaper.

Their first ‘proper’ date was six weeks after they met, writes The Observer, and it ended with Greig confessing his love for Moore “in a Brooklyn nightclub at 4am”. Ahh, young love.

And it seems Greig won Moore over, because after being wooed with breakfast and champagne at a country hotel on Sunday, the staff, in on the surprise, delivered a paper with the copy of the mag included…

The article also said Greig recently put their travel miles, from flying back and forth to see each other prior to Moore moving to London, into a carbon footprint calculator and worked out their long-distance relationship “had effectively used up three whole worlds”.

“Do I get let off because it was for love?” he asks. 

You can read their full story here.

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