Man Of The Moment, Scott Boland, Stars For Hard Yakka

Man Of The Moment, Scott Boland, Stars For Hard Yakka

Iconic Australian workwear brand, Hard Yakka, has launched the latest addition to its Meet the Legends video series featuring the unassuming-but-firm-fan-favourite Australian cricketer, Scott Boland. You can watch the video HERE.

Sheer determination and hard work across a long career has been the secret to success for the right-arm fast-medium bowler, who has become a well-known name in the world of cricket – both domestically and internationally. In 2019, Boland was named Player of the Year in the Sheffield Shield – the country’s 1st class cricket competition – 24 years after he first started playing the game as a six-year-old.

As one of only a handful of Indigenous Australians to play for Australia at the international level, Boland continues to break barriers and be an inspiration for many aspiring athletes. After playing for Australia in One Day and T20 formats, Boland truly made a name for himself at his test debut at the 2021 Boxing Day Test at the age of 32 and has become a star of the game.

In the latest episode of Hard Yakka’s “Meet the Legends,” viewers get an inside look into what makes Scott Boland – who always appears so calm on the surface – get excited, and his goals for inspiring the next generation of talent.

The episode follows Scott as he visits Kookaburra, and meets with a master bat builder, to discuss the craftsmanship and design of his cricket bat. As he breaks in the bat, Boland emphasises the significance of durability and resilience, qualities that he shares with Hard Yakka’s brand DNA. He also discusses his passion for cricket and his goals to make cricket more mainstream in Aboriginal communities, inspiring the next generation of talent.

“The Meet the Legends video series aims to inspire a whole new breed of legends, and with Boland’s incredible talent and dedication over many seasons, he is the perfect addition to this list.” said Jayne Willmott, head of marketing at Hard Yakka Australia.

“His long-term commitment to his craft and his dedication to encourage the next generation of talent aligns perfectly with Hard Yakka’s values of hard work and determination. We are excited to share Scott’s story with our audience and hope it will inspire others to pursue their passions.”

The episode, is now live on the Hard Yakka website as well as Hard Yakka and Scott Boland’s social media channels.

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