Mamamia Upfronts: New Podcasts, A Parenting Village & Live Shows

Mamamia Upfronts: New Podcasts, A Parenting Village & Live Shows

Yesterday at the MCA Sydney, Mamamia, an Australian lifestyle brand targeted at women, held its upfronts and revealed what it’s bringing to the table in 2020.

Founder and editor Mia Freedman opened the event with an explanation as to why the publication decided to call its upfronts Next Generation Women.

She said: “Even though we’ve been around for quite a long time, Mamamia is no doubt familiar to everyone as a brand that engages with women. But there are a couple of things about us that you might not know. First of all, we span three generations: Generation X, Gen Y & Millennials and now Gen Z.

“While we have always spanned generations, the biggest demographic in our audience is this next generation of Millennials and Gen Z. We have a larger share of those people than any other women’s brand, even larger than any of the youth brands.

Freedman revealed Gen Z and Millennials are the biggest demographic across Mamamia’s audience. She also said that today, Mamamia is a “super-channel for women” with more than 40 different touch-points across all places with its audience.

Freedman continued: “From the places that you probably know like written content and podcasts, EDMs, video influencers, social and live events, to places that you might not realise like Virgin and Qantas inflight entertainment, and online digital courses for women who want to do all kinds of things.

“Offline and online if women are there, so are we.”

Freedman also spoke about Mamamia’s core purpose, which is to make the world a better place for women and girls.

“What drives Mamamia is one simple core purpose, and that is to make the world a better place for women and girls. And what does it mean to be a purpose-driven brand as we are? It means that everything we do, every piece of content we produce and every business decision we make goes through the filter of our core purpose, and not everything gets through that filter.

“We want women to feel seen, heard, and understood. And that is the secret of really, really deep engagement with women.”

Mamamia in 2020 – more podcasts, a parenting village and live shows

Mamamia is well-known for its standout podcasts, with more 22 in its fleet. Mamamia reported its network listeners doubled year-on-year, with over 40 million minutes of active listening each month.

And, in 2020, there will be even more podcasts a new ‘parenting village’ and more podcast live shows.

Mamamia associate editor and podcast host Jessie Stephens explained: “The projects we have coming up in 2020 are really going to help you connect with next generation women.”

New podcasts – Overshare & Eligible 

Overshare is three next generation women very comfortable sharing “too much information”. Eligible is a new concept in digital dating that’s all about love at first sound.

Freedman said: “Women can tell a lot by someone’s voice, it will be hosted by Rachel Corbett and it’s going to be a whole new genre in dating.”

You Beauty live show 

After 12 successful live shows in 2019, Mamamia is hitting the road again in 2020, including taking the You Beauty podcast on the road with Leigh Campbell across five cities with special guests and live podcasts.

Parenting village: This Glorious Mess – Little Kids

Mamamia has also expanded its parent vertical across its site, audio, video and social content, adding a new show to the mix: This Glorious Mess – Little Kids, for parents with kids ages 0-5.



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