La Trobe University Turns Clever Into Currency With SDWM & AIRBAG

La Trobe University Turns Clever Into Currency With SDWM & AIRBAG

Prospective university students have been inspired to be ‘All Kinds of Clever’ thanks to a La Trobe University activation that enables them to pay with their own clever.

Launched at the VCE Careers Expo a week ago, the activation had three custom designed and built ‘Clever Machines’, each stocked with great prizes. All students had to do to receive them was show how clever they are.

The clever machines only accept clever, not cash, and through a series of bespoke games designed to test and measure different skills and attributes, players were able to win various prizes.

La Trobe University's 'Use your clever' activation [3]


From emotional intelligence to teamwork, each unique game highlighted different kinds of clever valued by industry and future employers, that students will develop and use when they study at La Trobe.

In addition to the clever prizes, players were rewarded with an insight into their strengths and aptitudes, with their clever scores shared in a follow up email.

La Trobe University's 'Use your clever' activation [4]

The hands-on experience was conceived, designed and built by the SDWM and AIRBAG teams, with the objective of demonstrating the kinds of clever important for University graduates that La Trobe develops.

La Trobe University’s director of market development, Matt Boyd, said: “This activation was a fun way of engaging with students and introducing them to the kinds of clever they will need in the workforce once they graduate university, in addition to their degree, and how La Trobe is teaching these skills to all students, ensuring they are ready for their careers.”

SDWM creative Eddie Coghlan described the experience as a tangible demonstration of La Trobe’s ‘All Kinds of Clever’ brand positioning.

“Our challenge was to create an activation that didn’t just promote ‘All Kinds of Clever’, but was clever in itself,” he said.

“And in an environment where students are bombarded with gimmicks and giveaways, creating an educational and intriguing experience really set the brand apart.”

La Trobe University's 'Use your clever' activation [2]

AIRBAG creative technologist Steve Nicholson said: “We’ve loved creating this technology in a way that surprises and delights.

“La Trobe set us the ambitious task of not only engaging high school students at the expo, but also communicating an important brand message, whilst generating a new sales lead every 60 seconds. It’s immensely satisfying to feel that we did all three.”


Client: La Trobe University

Senior director of marketing operations: Tim Skellern

Director of market development: Matt Boyd

Campaign manager: Kendall White

Campaign co-ordinator: Angela Lee

Production company: AIRBAG

Managing partner: Adrian Bosich

Executive producer: Martin Box

Creative technologist: Steven Nicholson

Producers: Johanna Rayner and Nick Venn

Developers: Brad Hammond and Stephen Burns

Creative agency: SDWM

Art director: Eddie Coghlan

Creative directors: James Orr and Elle Bullen

Design director: Jake Turnbull

Business director: Jarrick Lay


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