Do You Know The Difference Between Content Marketing & Content Selling?

Do You Know The Difference Between Content Marketing & Content Selling?

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Any organisation that wants to get found online, differentiate their business, attract prospects, convert leads, engage their customers and ultimately grow their business needs to get serious and strategic about content marketing and content selling.


Marketers think about things like ideal prospects, ideal customer profiles, unique selling propositions or value propositions, reputation management, authority and education – those are things that today’s salesperson must both understand and contribute in the creation of.

Salespeople think about things like personalized information, engagement and relationships – those are things that today’s marketers must both understand and participate in.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has changed how businesses sell to other businesses and consumers. Content marketing is the creation of free valuable content that has a marketing purpose. That purpose is awareness, educating and building know, like and trust,with ideal prospects or ideal customers, enough to do business with you. The goal of content marketing is consumption, then behaviour.

Content Selling

Content not only has a marketing purpose but a selling purpose as well.

The key difference between the two content applications is that while Content Marketing is broadly cast at an ideal prospect or ideal client persona or description, Content Selling is focused on an actual individual prospect or customer need and is utilized on a much more personal level.

Another key difference is that the use of Content Selling is based on the notion that you and the buyer have identified that there is a problem to be solved or something to be fixed.

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