KMint Launches ‘Dial it Up’ Roadshow To Empower Finance Leaders In The Creative Industry

KMint Launches ‘Dial it Up’ Roadshow To Empower Finance Leaders In The Creative Industry
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KMint, a creative industry finance specialist, is launching the inaugural ‘Dial it Up’ roadshow, a unique series of half-day workshops designed to inspire and educate leaders in the creative and agency sector on a range of business management topics.

Lead Image: Kathryn Williams

Dial it Up will take place in Sydney (March 13), Brisbane (March 14) and Melbourne (March 15) and features a lineup of experienced industry experts from finance and legal backgrounds who will share insights and strategies to enhance agency performance in 2024.

Speakers include: Kathryn Williams, known as the financial soulmate of the Aussie creative industry; Amanda J Little, an accomplished agency trainer and adviser; April Thomas, a lawyer for the creative industry; and Nick Tomlinson, the Managing Director of Paprika Agency Software.

“Having spent the last 20 years working with smaller agency businesses I understand where the challenges are for agency leaders who are often technical specialists but don’t have management training. ‘Dial it Up’ is an opportunity to delve into practical insights, collaborate with industry experts, and ignite the financial and operational potential of creative agencies. I’m excited to share insights on unleashing revenue, strategic financial decision-making, optimising client impact and maximising the value of ideas,” said Kathryn Williams, the founder of KMint and curator of Dial it Up.

Themes the speakers will be discussing at ‘Dial it Up’ include:

  • Amanda J Little will delve into shaping and inspiring future leaders, developing soft skills in a post-pandemic, work-from-home, and video conferencing environment, and introducing ‘The Client Service Cycle™’ for client growth and retention;
  • April Thomas will guide attendees beyond the pitch, offering legal strategies for agency success. This includes crafting effective client services agreements, mitigating risks associated with freelancers and contractors, safeguarding and valuing intellectual property (including AI implications), and addressing Australian Privacy Law regime changes;
  • Nick Tomlinson will shed light on how successful agencies manage their profitability. The topics covered include balancing resource management for profitability and key agency metrics used by agencies across the globe to scale and grow;
  • Kathryn Williams: with a focus on empowering finance leaders in the creative agency sector, Kathryn’s session promises invaluable insights into elevating revenue strategies. Participants can anticipate learning how to unleash thousands of dollars of non-billable time, unravel the intricacies of markup and margin strategies – exploring the ‘why, what, when, and how much,’ and mastering the art of selling ideas and monetising intangible assets.

“’Dial it Up’ is a fantastic opportunity for agency owners, senior staff, and financial teams to tap into wisdom from experienced experts, confirming and beefing up those growth goals for 2024. The tips and insights we’re sharing are straight from our own experience, so you know they’re practical. To cement your learnings, there will be a 90-day sprint challenge to get your team back at the agency brainstorming on how to give their agencies a boost. It’s gearing up to be a pretty big year – make this half-day your opportunity to transform ideas into action,” said Williams.

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