My Kitchen Rules Sizzles In Final Episode, Falls Just Shy Of Two Million Viewers

My Kitchen Rules Sizzles In Final Episode, Falls Just Shy Of Two Million Viewers

Last night saw a foodie’s television dream come true, with the Grand Finale of My Kitchen Rules finally crowning a winning team following a nail biting, drama-filled season.

Melbourne sisters Tasia and Gracia Seger snagged the winning spot, after serving up a fiery and fresh menu of Asian dishes, landing them a near perfect score of 57 out of 60.

They also get to pocked a cool $250,000 – almost worth the hard slog to get to the finale. We could go on to discuss every delicious dish served up by both teams, but we didn’t pack lunch today and it will just make us hungry. Just know it involved a whole lotta chilli and Lauren from the other team shouting orders and tempering chocolate.

“Guys you don’t need $250,000, you open a sauce factory and you’ll be loaded because I tell you, I’d buy it,” judge Colin Fassnidge told the sisters.

“I think it’s the greatest achievement that we’ve ever accomplished and we did it together. Which makes it more special than anything else. Like, it’s huge,” Gracia said.

“We definitely want to do street Indonesian food in Australia. Maybe a sauce business.”

Channel Seven rustled up a hefty number of viewers in the mammoth stretch of telly that made up the overall finale, concluding a season that saw the network enjoy some very nice views from the top.

The MKR Grand Final episode reached 1.82 million keen home cooks and food fanatics, when looking at the metro city OzTAM figures, making it the second most watched program. But what could possibly beat this 140 minutes of riveting TV?

Well it was the crowning of the sisters as 2016 MKR champions, which raked in 1.969 million viewers, just shy of the two million mark.

The ratings figures were only slightly down on its views from last year, which sat at 2.082 million for the winner’s announcement, and 2.039 million for the grand final.

Last year, the battle of the food shows saw Masterchef take the crown by the smallest of margins, with the 2.138 million tuning in to watch Billie McKay take the cake as Masterchef champion.

Masterchef’s 2016 season starts this Sunday, with a swag of tears, cheers and questionable fashion choices from Matt Preston all to come before we can compare its grand final audience with that of MKR.

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