Jessica Rowe Deletes Pauline Hanson From Her Podcast After Being Roasted Online

Jessica Rowe Deletes Pauline Hanson From Her Podcast After Being Roasted Online

Television personality and podcast host, Jessica Rowe, has deleted her podcast episode with Pauline Hanson, after the ensuing backlash the interview created. 

Rowe’s podcast, Jessica Rowe, Big Talk Show via LisTNR, is an interview-style show where Rowe endeavours to talk with her guests about what really matters. So far, she’s had everyone from Karl Stefanovic to Julie Morris as guests.

The podcast has also already been a success, even landing the number one spot on Apple Podcasts, temporarily beating out favourites like MamamiaOutLoud

However, yesterday when she dropped an episode with right-wing politician Pauline Hanson, Rowe was confronted by considerable, public backlash.

To give some context, Hanson is known for her conservative views. most recently she has declared she won’t get the COVID-19 vaccination. She’s also made headlines throughout her career for her rather divisive views. For instance,  The Canberra Times, reported in 2020 that Hanson slammed the initiative, Closing The Gap, and referred to it as, “complete rubbish.”

Then, she said: “The biggest problem facing Australian and Aboriginal Australians today is their own lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves.” 

So while all politicians are controversial by nature, Hanson is particularly polarising. But, despite Rowe clarifying that she disagrees with Hansons political views, she still chose to interview for her podcast. 

The episode blurb reads, “Jessica’s guest is controversial politician Senator Pauline Hanson, leader and founder of One Nation. However, this episode isn’t about politics, instead, it’s about how Pauline has dealt with some of the darkest moments in her life and where she finds the resilience to keep going despite the setbacks.

“In this honest and reflective conversation, Pauline recalls the moment she was sent to prison and the deep depression that followed. And like any good D&M, Pauline opens up about her private 12-year relationship, and why having independence and giving each other freedom is their key to staying together.”

When the episode dropped, Rowe was met with an influx of criticism rather than praise. Both activist Grace Tame and creative powerhouse, Nakkiah Lui tweeted and condemned the podcast episode.

Rowe then took to Instagram to explain she’d contacted LiSTNR to get the episode deleted. Rowe wrote, “I’ve listened to your comments and asked @listnrau to take down the Pauline Hanson episode.”

She also thanked Tame and Lui for sharing their opinions.

Rowe also deleted her Instagram post that previously announced the episode and featured a photo of Hanson and a photo of Rowe recording the episode separately – they both looked happy in their respected photos.

Of course, not everyone felt Rowe should delete her episode with Hanson. Mark Latham slammed Rowe’s move to get rid of the episode, and there’s a whole side of Twitter that has condemned her decision to delete the episode.

Latham’s tweet got over 500 likes.


Meanwhile, Hanson used the moment to plug her political career and add some changes to Rowe’s podcast photo.


Of course, the whole incident has turned into a much larger conversation online. Should we be giving people a platform that share their controversial views? Will Rowe now be painted as the ‘victim’ and do interviews discussing ‘cancel culture?’ Is Rowe allowed to learn from this or should she already have known better? Should we be trying to find common ground with people we disagree with?

Naturally, no one has the answers or at least no one seems to agree, but it does make for some interesting discussions.

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