JB Hi-Fi Forced To Remove ‘Very Angry Lesbian’ Game Promo

JB Hi-Fi Forced To Remove ‘Very Angry Lesbian’ Game Promo

A JB hi-Fi store in Brisbane is under fire for using a promo stand for a new game displaying the words “A Very Angry Lesbian”.

The promo in question was for Last of Us Part 2, an action-adventure game where gamers enter the role of fictional character ‘Ellie’.

The game’s creators Sony and Naughty Dog have been open about the sexual orientation of Ellie, showcasing her relationship with her girlfriend in trailers.

The JB Hi-Fi promo replaced the game’s title with the “angry lesbian” remark, using the same font as the original.

The display was not part of the game’s official marketing material, rather it was promotional content used by the JB Hi-Fi store.

The gaffe was first pointed out by a Twitter user.

The promo has since been taken down, according to Kotaku.

Twitter user ‘Steen’ – the co-founder of indie comic business PaperScape Press – who posted the image, described the promo as ‘reductive’.

“I don’t think this is that bad. I’ve seen this float around as a meme before and…it’s not wrong. It’s just reductive and shouldn’t be used as part of visual merchandising,” the Tweet said.

However, other Twitter users have defended the ad.

“Completely factual title. Arguably more so than the actual title,” said one.

“I thought it was funny,” added another.


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