Infographic: If Lego Characters Were The Ultimate Digital Agency

Infographic: If Lego Characters Were The Ultimate Digital Agency

Ever wondered what a dream digital agency would look like? Well, UK digi agency The Website Group has and more oddly it’s created its version using characters out of Lego!

It’s all done in this handy infographic below, however, the agency does stress that it’s work comes with no endorsement from Lego itself.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “We’ve all dreamed of being a superhero from a young age. They beat the baddies and always get the girl; there are just some characters impossible to beat. A marketing team should work the same way.

“In the competitive industry which is digital marketing, you have to be the best to stand out. Build your team from the ground up as you would your LEGO home – you know the ones you used to build as a kid. Every LEGO piece counts.

“A master of all trades, your LEGO team will have all areas covered: web design, SEO, marketing and the back office teaming holding the fort down. When it comes to servicing clients, being an agency that provides a broad spectrum of services really sets you apart from the rest.”

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