Infographic: 13 Reasons Why SEO’s Still Tops For Marketers

Infographic: 13 Reasons Why SEO’s Still Tops For Marketers

A recent study by search experts Octos suggests SEO isn’t dead, despite some marketers and analysts claiming it’s become ineffective with a proliferation of mobile devices.

The study, revealed in the infographic below, show that SEO continues to be a strong lead generation strategy for many as nearly half the respondents say that SEO defines the baseline of their online marketing approach.

In fact, content creation and keyword research have formed the bedrock of sound and successful SEO strategies, according to the study.

Nearly 82 per cent of marketing influencers are positive that SEO effectiveness is increasing and will increase over time. Despite tall claims from some marketing analysts that SEO influence has faded over time and is fast nearing its end, a staggering $US65 billion investment in SEO strategies last year indicates otherwise.

Interestingly, the number of small businesses to invest in SEO is expected to increase by 74 per cent this year. With voice search and machine learning standards dictating the future trends, marketers must surely brace themselves for continued evolution of SEO in the coming months.

Check out all the results below:

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