iiNet's world of Finn

iiNet's world of Finn

DSL internet provider iiNet has launched a new two-pronged campaign which takes audiences into the world of its quirky ambassador, Finn.

Created by BWM, the campaign puts Finn in the conductor seat on a super-fast train, symbolic of the internet provider. Finn uses a remote control to move the train back and forth as he pleases, portraying how iiNet control their own network.

The second campaign is iiNet’s first for Naked DSL, highlighting the benefit of freeing customers from landline rental, by removing extra hidden charges for a phone line you don't need. In this spot Finn attempts to mimic escape artist Houdini, trying to escape being tied up in phone lines.

The DSL campaign includes TV commercials, roadblocks and banners to bring to life the train analogy. 

BWM also incorporates the use of Spotify audio and banners, which highlight the benefits of iiNet owning their own network as it allows you to stream your entertainment with fewer interruptions.

BWM GM Simon Hadfield said: “These campaigns aim to get people talking about the range of iiNet’s broadband services, and to amplify how iiNet always puts the customer first.

“We’ve done that by demonstrating iiNet’s service and product innovations through a combination of digital and traditional media elements. We believe this combination will create a great opportunity to talk about broadband service and what iiNet is doing to champion the cause."

Credits: client iiNet, chief marketing officer Wendy Walker, marketing manager Kelli Wainberg, creative BWM, ECD Rob Belgiovane, writer Jen Barnett, art director Chris Boyd.

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