IAB Australia Outlines Plan To Help Marketers Navigate Digital Ecosystem

IAB Australia Outlines Plan To Help Marketers Navigate Digital Ecosystem

Digital measurement, a trustworthy digital value chain, building brands online and growing mobile value will be the key priorities for IAB Australia in 2017 according to its CEO Vijay Solanki.

Speaking yesterday at a media briefing supported by the IAB Chair, Nicole Sheffield, Solanki noted the watchwords for the year will be simplify and inspire, as the IAB works with marketers, publishers, agencies and adtech vendors, as well as driving positive collaborations with other industry bodies.  Solanki also announced the launch of three new Councils and the appointment of a new Regulatory Affairs Director, Kamani Krishnan.

According to Nicole Sheffield, Chair of IAB Australia and Managing Director of News DNA, the new look IAB has an important role to play in the Australian market.

“The IAB plays a critical role in ensuring the ongoing health of the digital advertising industry providing an independent voice across both measurement and technology. We have a legitimate and broad based measurement for digital in this country and while there is no denying that digital is rapidly evolving the media landscape, which can result in complexity, the IAB will continue to ensure that Australia leads the way with the transparency of digital currency.”

Vijay Solanki, CEO of IAB Australia said: “Collaboration is critical to the success of our industry and to our ability to support marketers work through the complexity of the digital ecosystem.  We’ve already shown what’s possible, bringing together 19 organisations with competing commercial and technical interests to develop the recently released Viewability Whitepaper for the benefit of the entire industry.  We are committed to ensuring future projects are just as successful and allow us to both simplify and inspire the market.”

IAB’s Research Director Gai Le Roy will oversee a new look Executive Measurement Council with an expanded brief to cover all aspects of measurement from strategic planning through to effectiveness analysis.  The Executive Measurement Council will oversee the work of the existing Audience Measurement Council, as well as a new Council.   The Ad Effectiveness Council, which will be launched in March, will help industry identify and refine the best methods to assess the impact of advertising across different activities.  This Council will also begin to explore how digital measurement data can be combined with other forms of media data to enhance cross media planning and buying.

Jonas Jaanimagi, IAB’s Executive Technology Consultant will manage the new Executive Tech Council, which brings together the existing Video, Mobile, Audio and Standards and Guidelines Councils under one umbrella.  The key areas of focus for this Council will be viewability, adblocking, ad fraud and programmatic, as well as special projects as required.  The Executive Tech Council will also be expanded to ensure inclusion of representatives from the full digital ecosystem including advertisers, publishers, agencies and tech vendors.

One of the major pieces of work to come from the Executive Tech Council will be the Australian Ad Portfolio Guidelines, which will offer a more simple and effective approach to delivering digital advertising.

The IAB briefing comes six months after the appointment of Solanki as the new CEO of IAB and the recent appointment of Jonas Jaanimagi as Executive Technology Consultant.

Key Dates

  • Q1
    • Nielsen audit results
    • Ad Fraud benchmarking data
    • Ad Blocking Guidelines
  • Q2
    • DCR launch
    • Ad Blocking Consumer Study (second tranche)
    • Viewability benchmarking data (second tranche)
    • Programmatic Playbook
    • Data Hygiene Handbook
  • Q3
    • Ad Portfolio Guidelines update
    • Cross media study
    • PwC OAER data – full financial year


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