“I Think Mark Latham Is Great TV Talent…. He’s THAT Funny”: The Chaser’s Chris Taylor

“I Think Mark Latham Is Great TV Talent…. He’s THAT Funny”: The Chaser’s Chris Taylor

If you’ve been living under a rock, Channel Nine has announced a new ‘hot topic’ panel show featuring Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic and former would-be PM and AFR columnist Mark Latham.

Latham recently resigned from the Australian Financial Review after it was revealed he was attacking high-profile Australian women such as Mia Freedman, Annabel Crab, Leigh Sales, Tara Moss, Anne Summers and Lisa Pryor under the Twitter account @RealMarkLatham.

One Man Show

The Chaser’s Chris Taylor, who is hosting this year’s B&T Awards, shared his opinion on the return of the Latham:

Do you think this will be a disaster for Channel Nine?

God, no. This is the network that’s happily hired Sam Newman for years, so they’re very accustomed to having boofheads on air. I think Mark Latham is great TV talent.When Jon Stewart quit The Daily Show this year, I was genuinely surprised they didn’t ask Latham to replace him as host. He could’ve even taken over from Letterman I reckon. He’s that funny.

Which group do you think Latham will offend first?

I expect he’ll cause offence even before he’s on air. Just travelling to the studio to tape the first episode, he’ll probably break the arms of at least two taxi drivers.

Who would be Latham’s audience?

I believe he’s very popular with the gay community. They both have no need or desire for women in their lives.

Do other media commentators think Latham will be the golden boy of TV? 

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