How Do You Rate Your Paper Plane Flying Skills?

How Do You Rate Your Paper Plane Flying Skills?

Food. Booze. People. Paper Plane Flying. Prizes. Calls for a pretty damn good Thursday night.

Outdoor media provider APN Outdoor is holding its inaugural paper plane flying competition tomorrow night, to celebrate its win of another lot of the Sydney Airport outdoor media account.

The outdoor media provider nabbed the rest of the Sydney Airport account back in March, and to make the airport synonymous with APN Outdoor, the company teamed up with us to create a paper plane out of our magazine’s front cover.

“It was brilliant to work with APN Outdoor on the paper plane execution,” added David Hovenden, editor-in-chief of B&T.

“And my pimped out plane is totally going to knock everyone else’s out of the park tomorrow night.”

If you reckon you have what it takes to make your paper plan soar further than anyone else’s, head down tomorrow night to try your luck for the ultimate prize.

Or maybe aim is more to your skills. If you hit the bullseye you take out second prize.

If creativity is your sport, bring along your ‘pimped up’ plane to win; and for everyone else you can still take home a lucky door prize!

Make sure you RSVP here!



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