How Convenience Advertising Is Changing The DOOH Landscape With Real-Time Measurable Data & CaptiVision

How Convenience Advertising Is Changing The DOOH Landscape With Real-Time Measurable Data & CaptiVision
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There’s no denying the world of out-of-home is experiencing exceptional year-on-year growth.

While the explosion of digital channels continues to change and diminish the traditional media landscape, OOH has been the exception. And, its acceleration doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

To get the low-down on all things OOH, B&T had a chat with Convenience Advertising CEO Anna Validas (feature image). Dealing exclusively in bathroom ads, Convenience Advertising is the first OOH player offering real-time data. We talk to Validas about why OOH is one of the most effective advertising platforms, as well as the importance of real-time, measurable data in an increasingly complex media buying world.

You’re the first OOH offering real-time data. Can you explain more about how you track your ads and how measurable data differs from impressions?

Our in-venue CaptiVision screens are a unique OOH offering because they have in-built audience measurement capabilities. This gives our clients real-time data that translates into highly strategic audience insights covering gender differentiation, reach, engagement, location and time of viewing.

We can tell a client exactly how many people have seen their advertising, which makes our CaptiVision solution, and static format by extension, very accountable. Our CPM value measurement is based on the total audience entering a bathroom and viewing our CaptiVision screens. This shifts the focus away from the looseness of ‘impressions’ to a true audience number. We have achieved the gold standard for OOH in the use of data metrics that allows us to put a dollar value against the advertiser’s investment to achieve meaningful results.

Why is measurable, real-time data important?

Digital advertising’s ability to deliver measurable, real-time data allows campaign managers to quickly re-direct and fine tune campaign assets into channels that are performing best – which makes it a very strong value proposition.

OOH is enjoying a renaissance globally which is exciting to see. The great thing about OOH advertising is its ability to deliver audience reach through placements that allow it to be integrated into consumers everyday lives. You can’t turn it off – it’s just there and our media platforms leverage this by integrating digital metrics into the call-to-action.

You deal exclusively with OOH in bathrooms – why do bathroom ads work so well?

Bathrooms are a unique space. From our client’s perspective – it’s a space that they can own – as Captivision is supported by our more traditional classic static panels – strengthening the share of voice for greater client outcomes.

Our dwell times can run into minutes and our advertisers’ messages are front and centre during any time spent in the bathroom. Independent campaign evaluations on our media show a minimum of 70 per cent unprompted recall. It’s been as high as 95 per cent.

Dwell times also explain why text works tremendously for bathroom media. From what we know, people are also comfortable using their phones in bathrooms, which allows a direct on-the-spot channel for engagement. Because of these strengths, we have been able to achieve a Cost per Action comparable to Google Search.

Very few other OOH options offer this sense of intimacy, which is ideal for some of the harder-edged campaigns we are involved in, particularly those that are health-related. Our retail and airport campaigns also have the advantage of being close to point-of-sale and have worked exceptionally well to drive sales and increase market share.

What is CaptiVision? And what does it offer that’s unique for advertisers?

Apart from the advantages we’ve already talked about, CaptiVision offers advertisers flexible media schedules down to 3-hour splits (morning/afternoon/evening), as well as weekly and fortnightly schedules. For example, if an advertiser wanted to target business travellers flying from Melbourne to Sydney they could book the peak AM and PM travel times and not be flighted for weekends.

CaptiVision allows for the quality delivery of creative with full HD display on a 22-inch LCD screen. The screens support animation and video.

Our screens are also Apple and Android activation enabled for digital engagement, and of course they provide audience segmentation with their location in male, female bathrooms and parents rooms.

OOH is one of the most effective advertising mediums at present. How can brands capitalise on this and specifically, how can they capitalise on OOH bathroom ads?

Convenience Advertising has exclusive access to the largest in-venue advertising network in Australia – 3,000 plus venues, reaching more than 20 million patron visits each week.

We operate in more than 200 premium and neighbourhood shopping centres, more than 2,000 bars, pubs and clubs, nightclubs, RSLs, leagues clubs and gaming venues, more than 50 airport terminals, 100 plus university and TAFE campuses and other bespoke venues.

Our diversity of reach gives advertisers the opportunity to work with us to deliver highly targeted local, state and national campaigns. At the same time, we can also deliver moderate budget and highly localised campaigns by region.

The future of Convenience Advertising and CaptiVision – what can we expect?

We are into phase three of our enterprise rollout of 500 screens so CaptiVision will grow and be found in more places in 2020. Aside from scaling up, engagement is key. Our dwell time, the proximity and privacy of the environment make for some exciting prospects with voice and ‘tap and go’.





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