Hot Jobs: Online Retail, IT, Data & Sports Marketing Top List Of The Most In Demand

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Struggling to find competent, tech-savvy staff at your agency? Well, it sounds like things could get even more grim if a new list of the most “in demand” jobs is to be believed.

The study by global market research firm IBISWorld found that demand for staff in online retail would grow by an annualised 7.5 per cent over the next five years and would soak up a stack of workers mainly involved in things like point-of-sale technicians, web and UX designers and digital marketers.

Unsurprisingly, IT security was second on the list and data storage services came in at third. As Australia’s NBN comes online, demand for people in these jobs is set to surge 5.9 per cent.

As you’d expect, anyone with a strong IT background is hot property; however, demand for sports administrative services is also on the rise ranking fourth on the “in demand” list.

Commenting on the study, IBISWorld senior industry analyst Nathan Cloutman told “Surging demand for online data storage solutions is forecast to drive the number of enterprises entering this industry. This is positive news for cloud management consultants, data centre managers, storage design consultants and storage engineers.

“The combination of revenue and enterprise growth will drive demand for IT professionals, particularly those with expertise in app-related technologies,” he said.

INDUSTRIES SET FOR GROWTH (*Annualised employment growth to 2021-22)

• Online shopping 7.5 per cent
• IT security consulting 6.0 per cent
• Data storage services 5.9 per cent
• Sports administrative services 4.7 per cent
• Trademark and patent law 2.5 per cent
• Smartphone app developers 2.2 per cent
• Wind and renewable energy 2.1 per cent
• Physiotherapy services 2.0 per cent
• Management consulting 1.5 per cent
• Road and bridge construction 0.7 per cent

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