Holden And VICE Combine To Launch Short Film For The New Astra

Holden And VICE Combine To Launch Short Film For The New Astra

Following the launch of the Holden Astra sports hatch earlier in the year, Holden have teamed up with VICE’s global arts and technology channel The Creators Project.Created by Virtue, VICE’s in-house creative agency, the content is spearheaded by a feature film and short edit TVCs of the video to be seen on Australian televisions from Tuesday 21 July.

Check the ad out here: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/en_au/blog/video-car-vs-drones-full

Michael Slonim, VICE AU/NZ managing director, said: “This project is all about treating consumers like audiences. Millennials are smart and know when they’re being sold to, but they’re also aware of the world they live in and want to be entertained. Savvy brands such as Holden know it’s okay to market a product, as long as it’s adding value, and they’re telling a story that has a cultural relevance.”

At the heart of the content is a slick black Astra. Caged in a dark warehouse, the Astra is pitted against a swarm of drones which fly in formation to create a moving, free floating obstacle course. 

Holden Executive Director of Marketing, Geraldine Davys, said: “The film perfectly exhibits the wild side of Holden’s latest sports hatch and a fresh direction for the brand. The concept of a car vs. drones forming a moving racetrack is one that has never been attempted before, and to demonstrate something as unique and progressive as this is really exciting. We are taking the Holden brand into new territory and challenging the status quo. Holden is going to continue to produce engaging and innovative content for our customers, content that traditionally may not be associated with the Holden brand. Astra vs. Drones is perfect example of this, it’s a short film that certainly makes you sit up and take notice.”

Set to the bespoke music of Australia’s Rohan Rebeiro (My Disco/Kangaroo Skull), ‘Astra vs Drones’ is directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz, a US-based veteran of the global design community and The Creators Project alumni whose work ranges from otherworldly music videos to the creation of the post-apocalyptic sky world of the Hollywood blockbuster Oblivion.

With Melbourne’s AIRBAG, who boast their own technology pedigree, the post production of ‘Car vs Drones’ involves a combination of techniques historically only used in stills photography. The eye-popping sci-fi look was achieved by manipulating camera frames, allowing for smooth, mesmerising trails of light.

The Creators Project also go behind the scenes, providing an all-access view of the precision driver, drone pilots, technical experts and production team that brought ‘Astra vs Drones’ to life.

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