Grill’d Launches 100% Natural Campaign

Grill’d Launches 100% Natural Campaign

In its pursuit of providing Australians with the most satisfyingly guilt-free, healthy burgers, Grill’d has launched a new 100% Natural campaign.

At the core of the campaign is an improved 100% Natural burger menu* with 0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and packed with the freshest, locally sourced produce.

Grill’d founder, Simon Crowe, said: “From the brand’s outset, we’ve strived to find better ways of making and delivering fast, healthy burgers and better, more sustainable ways of doing business. We came into the market in 2004 as Australia’s healthy burger option – not as an alternative to fast food but as the solution. Great tasting burgers without the guilt.”

“Since launch we’ve continued to evolve in every way, ensuring our menu is as healthy as it can be without compromising on taste or satisfaction, and being the most responsible business we can be by the planet and our local communities.”

The new 100% Natural menu comes at a time when consumers are seeking healthy, sustainably sourced, local Australian food more than ever before. Working with Food and Nutrition Australia, Grill’d reviewed its burger menu, reformulating the ingredients to remove artificial additives and to further reduce kilojoules and sugars. As the champion of healthy burgers, Grill’d’s menu is now healthier than ever before whilst not compromising on taste and still retaining options for every food and health tribe. The result of the reformulation also means that 73% of Grill’d burgers provide less than a third of the daily energy intake for adults.

Sharon Natoli, Founding Director of Food & Nutrition Australia said: “There’s been a substantial rise in interest in healthy and conscious consumption. Consumers are looking for more natural ingredients, striving to limit food waste and are shopping more consciously. The continued focus on health across the board shows that consumers really care about what they’re putting on their plates and into their bodies”

Grill’d’s mass consumer appeal has always been attributed to its healthy alternatives and the brand’s 100% transparency about the ingredients they use to create low carb, Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, gluten free and sugar free options. For Grill’d, 100% Natural and healthy goes beyond reducing sugar and the kilojoules of the burger. The brand sees the quality of the ingredients and sourcing those ingredients as equally as important – it means fresh, locally sourced, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free-range, and products that are made fresh daily.

As part of its 100% Natural campaign, Grill’d has also introduced an online allergen matrix to help customers navigate the new menu and map out their dietary requirements and kilojoule intake. In August, Grill’d will also be adding an innovative menu configurator to give customers even more control and flexibility over what they are putting in their bodies. The new tool will allow customers to shop by food tribe and understand nutritional impact and kilojoule impact with the inclusion or exclusion of certain ingredients before deciding on their final order.

Crowe said: “We are committed to continuously do better and be better, and want to encourage and help as many people as possible to live healthy, naturally and sustainably. It’s not just about what we’re putting on our menus to provide our customers with healthier options, but also the lasting goodness for our local communities and the planet. We have a much broader impact beyond our food and restaurants.”

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