Google And Star Wars Join Forces In New Marketing Campaign

Google And Star Wars Join Forces In New Marketing Campaign

the world’s very own version of the Galactic Empire (Google) has launched a tie-in with Star Wars: The Force Awakens giving fans the option to join the dark side of The Force or The Force.

All you have to do is go to the Google Star Wars site to pick a side, and any Google apps will transform to reflect the path chosen.

Special experiences have been developed for Android Wear Watches, Google Calendar, Chrome, Chromecast, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Now, Waze, and YouTube with added features for fans to discover on their Inbox by Gmail, Google Translate, and Google Search.


For example: people who choose the path of a Jedi will have blue loading bar and people who chose to join the dark side will have a red loading bar. On Google Maps, destinations will be shown with the help of a TIE fighter or X-wing. When watching videos on YouTube, light or dark side lightsaber transforms your seeker bar, loading bar and volume control.

Clay Bavor, vice president of product management at Google, said in a blog post: “So when we first heard about Episode VII, we started thinking about what a Google tribute to these epic stories might look like: ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some sort of Star Wars thingy in Search? The Millennium Falcon in Cardboard would be sweet! What if Google Translate could decipher galactic languages?;… and on, and on, and on.”

The changes will last until early next year.

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