goa’s #CreateWelcome Campaign Reaches One Million

goa’s #CreateWelcome Campaign Reaches One Million

The #CreateWelcome campaign, created by goa and independent multicultural organisation, MDA, has officially reached over one million people through Instagram alone.

The milestone was reached after staggering levels of public engagement and a recent surge of social media support from some leading personalities.

Leading profiles such as Australian actress Jess Tovey, writer Benjamin Law, Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young, comedian Tom Ballard, many Home and Away cast members and a host of others from stage, screen, sport and politics, are participating in the #CreateWelcome campaign, using their social media influence to support the project.

“goa has provided its network of multimedia billboard technology to support a positive social environment in Queensland, create an inclusive community and promote welcome from citizens. Through our efforts, along with those of our profile partners and MDA, over one million people have been reached. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome,” said goa chief executive, Chris Tyquin.

Anyone can join the #CreateWelcome movement by stepping into a #CreateWelcome Social Booth or ordering WelcomeKits from www.createwelcome.com. The Social Booth can be found at various sporting, cultural and lifestyle events where people can construct their welcome message and upload via Instagram using the #CreateWelcome hashtag.

goa then broadcast the image across numerous digital billboards in Queensland, creating a greater a sense of community between Australia and the 46,000 new arrivals who call Queensland their new home each year.

“It has been amazing to see all the messages of welcome  from such a broad range of people. These messages represent our shared promise to people seeking a safer life in Australia. Since federation, Australia has welcomed three-quarters of a million refugees. It’s who we are,” said Kerrin Benson, MDA chief executive officer.

“It’s up to the community to shift the narrative. This campaign is providing people with opportunities to take constructive action themselves,” Benson added.

MDA plans to continue the #CreateWelcome campaign into 2017.

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