Get As Close As You Ever Will To Sleeping With Harry Styles & Margot Robbie With Celebrity Pillow Mist

Get As Close As You Ever Will To Sleeping With Harry Styles & Margot Robbie With Celebrity Pillow Mist

A new line of pillow mists has been launched by British lingerie brand Pour Moi, that smell like some of the world’s sexiest and most lusted-after celebrities.

The pillow mists, which are inspired by the celebrity’s reported signature scent, are the closest many people will come to sleeping with their celebrity crush.

The limited edition range includes seven mists that recreate the aromas of Harry Styles, Margot Robbie, Zac Efron, Rhianna, Maya Jama, Jennifer Anniston and Bradley Cooper. Each spray is inspired by the perfumes that are reportedly favoured by each celebrity, to help you imagine what going to sleep with your favourite superstar on the pillow next to you is like.

Michael Thomson, the founder of Pour Moi, says: “We’re really excited to launch this novel line of pillow mists. We’re known for our sexy lingerie and cosy nightwear, and we wanted to create something else that will give customers a fantastic night in the bedroom. Our pillow sprays pay homage to the fabulous perfumes that some of the sexiest celebrities wear, helping you imagine what it’s like to snuggle down next to them at bedtime – what better way to spend an evening!”

The collection isn’t currently on sale,  but keen fans can request a free sample via the Pour Moi website.

The Seven Scents 

The Harry: Inspired by the scent of Harry Styles and his favourite perfume, this mist is a potent melange of creamy vanilla, dry fruits and sweet wood sap.

The Margot: Drift off dreaming of Margot Robbie, with a pillow mist that captures her intoxicating aroma of persimmon, pomegranate and rich orchid.
The Ri: Go to bed with Rhianna filling up your senses with this pillow mist that pays tribute to the queen of pop’s expensive taste in perfume – notes include marshmallow, neroli and orange blossom.

The Zac: Close your eyes and imagine Zac Efron and his wonderful face on the pillow next to you with this mist that encapsulates his fresh masculine scent, filled with herby notes and green apple.

The Jennifer: Breathe in the classic and sophisticated smell of Jennifer Anniston with a pillow mist that is inspired by her favourite smells of orange blossom, lily and sandalwood.

The Bradley: Fans of A Star is Born can fall asleep taking in the scent of the handsome and talented Bradley Cooper, with a pillow mist that blends notes of coriander, fur and leather.

The Maya: This seductive pillow mist captures the fresh and gorgeous spirit of UK TV presenter Maya Jama with her favourite combo of fruity and spicy notes mixed with an underlying layer of honey.



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