Gaming Mums? The Key Demographic That Advertisers Are Missing

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When it comes to who a ‘gamer’ is, the stereotype more often than not involves young males.

But new research suggests that the stereotypical gamer is anything but, especially when it comes to mobile games.

According to AdColony, around 80 per cent of mums with kids at home play mobile games, with 74 per cent of these ‘gaming mums’ playing mobile games daily.

“For a lot of mums, mobile gaming is that snackable stress buster they need so they will play multiple sessions throughout the day,” AdColony ANZ country manager at Lance Traore.

Despite this readymade audience, there is still a lack of brands choosing to engage with customers in this channel.

“If you are an FMCG brand or a Supermarket you’re forgoing a huge opportunity by not advertising in mobile gaming because 80 per cent of your audience love it and spend so much of their time gaming,” Traore said.

“However, the reality is that it’s usually the opposite in Australia and I think it’s just down to a lack of knowledge and understanding of mobile gaming as a media channel.”

So who should be looking to advertise with mobile gaming?

Just about anyone and everyone, said Traore.

“Any brand that is video focused, looking for scale and cares about driving high attention should be advertising in mobile gaming,” he said.

“Again, think of it the same way as TV advertising, Facebook or YouTube which is mostly not seen as an endemic strategy, they’re purely used because that is where the eyeballs are. Mobile Gaming and its 90 million sessions happening daily should be viewed the same.”

The fact gaming is so under-utilised as an advertising platform has led to attractive pricing opportunities for those brands who are willing to explore it.

Compared to catch-up TV, mobile gaming can deliver 2-4x more reach and frequency, Traore said.


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