Five Ways Logos Have Changed Since Lockdowns Lifted

Five Ways Logos Have Changed Since Lockdowns Lifted

In this article, Jo Sabin, head of marketplace and community at Brandcrowd, explains how brand logos have altered during the pandemic in order to stay in touch with current trends and be instantly recognisable by consumers, building on their emotional connection with them.

In a post-lockdown Australia, consumer expectations of the purchasing journey have shifted, with freshly minted customer values now impossible to ignore. Not only do consumers increasingly expect sustainable products and services and a heightened focus on hygiene, they also value human interactions more than ever, opting for businesses with a more casual and approachable feel over those with more of a corporate and formal feel.

In our recent research at BrandCrowd, we compared the sales of 40,000 logos from March 2021 to March 2022 and uncovered how Aussie businesses are adjusting their branding to meet the changing expectations of Australian consumers.

Gold is the new black

Jewellery, crypto and consulting businesses are among the many verticals that have all spiked in the last year, with consulting being the stand out category with logo sales increasing a massive 9600 per cent YoY. Jewellery and crypto both experienced triple-digit growth with an increase of 196 per cent and 133 per cent respectively.

We are likely seeing increases in areas like consulting and crypto as many former corporates have ventured into the world of side hustles. These entrepreneurs are increasingly moving towards quality over quantity, with gold being the colour of choice, as this colour is a clear visual representation of luxury. By using this colour in your branding, you’re subconsciously building a connection to the quality of your product or service through your logo design.

Feminine designs are powerful

‘Feminine’ is one of the highest ranking logo types purchased on BrandCrowd. There has been a strong pique in interest for delicate, soft, curvy — yet strong — designs, for new and emerging businesses, signalling the stark increase of female-owned businesses emerging from the pandemic.

We’ve also seen a spike in organisations supporting women’s wellness such as fitness and yoga, wellness studios and beauty salons as mental health and wellness becomes more of a priority for consumers. Florists logos have also jumped 572 per cent, and while many of these logos depict pastel pink and floral motifs, many businesses are opting for less conventional yet still feminine-feeling logos such as bold metallics, soft curves and calligraphy.

Monograms are back in fashion

As consumers shift to focus on quality over quantity, brands are honing in on chic simplicity with minimalist and sophisticated monogram designs, with monogram sales increasing by 337 per cent. Transporting consumers back to the elegance of the early 1900s, monograms, curved text, dog tags and circle logos are in high demand as brands channel the classic luxury of Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

The shift comes at a time when Aussies are increasingly boycotting fast fashion due to the environmental impacts of the industry. A study by HP and Planet Ark found that around 90 per cent of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, with 71 per cent of consumers and 77 per cent of business respondents stating a willingness to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable products. In the same vein, demand for nature and eco themed logos has grown in popularity too, with sales of logos featuring leaves growing 60 per cent year on year.

Handwritten over typed

One of the major trends that came out of the pandemic was community spirit and supporting local businesses, with this community spirit being emulated in logo designs. Many new businesses are opting for handwritten fonts in their logos and other marketing material to portray their brand as more approachable and familiar.

Formal typefaces create a barrier that handwritten serif does not, and post-lockdowns, Aussies favour casual interactions more than ever before. Natural lettering goes hand-in-hand with hand crafted, personalised goods and services made and prepared with the utmost care. Businesses are seeing this as a way to connect with consumers on a deeper level and build loyalty among the local community.

Cleanliness is key

Not all that surprisingly, there has been a pique in requests for cleaning logos since the outbreak of the pandemic. Icons such as mops, vacuums and spray bottles are increasingly being used to overtly demonstrate the business’ focus on hygiene and cleanliness.

This has led to a spike in very literal logos, where business owners want to clearly convey the service they offer. For example, window cleaning logos portraying windows and window cleaning tools such as squeegees are on the rise, with cleaner logos being some of the fastest sold. This shift is partly due to many businesses operating solely online and wanting to quickly catch the eye of customers on social media platforms.

As consumers’ values and behaviours continue to shift, brands must keep an ear to the ground to ensure their branding is keeping pace with evolving customer and societal expectations. In the last year, we’ve seen a large increase in businesses portraying wellness, community and cleanliness, a clear reflection of businesses taking action on Aussies’ shift in values post lockdowns. As consumer demand continues to evolve drastically, businesses should regularly assess their branding to ensure they stand out in a highly competitive market.

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