Film Poster Enrages Locals After Chinese Landmark Photoshopped Onto Hong Kong

Film Poster Enrages Locals After Chinese Landmark Photoshopped Onto Hong Kong

A film poster for the new alien film Arrival has caused a stir after it superimposed a Shanghai landmark onto an image of Hong Kong and reignited tensions between china and its territory. is reporting that the poster appears to show Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour complete with Shanghai’s iconic TV tower Photoshopped into the foreground.

Check out the Arrival trailer here:

Many people in Hong Kong still don’t like that the former British territory was handed back to mainland China back in 1997. There has also been increasing tension between locals and mainland Chinese after the Communist government attempted to put more controls on the democratic territory.

The poster soon went viral, with people using the hashtags #hongkongisnotchina and #WhyOrientalPearlTowerHere to express their disgust at the edited photo. The film’s official Facebook page was also attacked by angry Hong Kong locals.

The film comes with the tagline “Why are they here?” and one commented on Facebook:“Btw good question. Why are they here? Those Chinese”. Another added: “Just don’t promote your movie in HK [Hong Kong] if you don’t respect HKers [Hongkongers] and another: “Fire the person in charge of your marketing design.”

Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner and has been called “a strong contender for the best science fiction film of 2016” by entertainment site The Verge. It’s slated for an Australian release on November 11th.

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