Fake Twitter Bots Attack Pro-Union Amazon Worker Movement

Las Vegas - Circa June 2019: Amazon.com Fulfillment Center. Amazon is the Largest Internet-Based Retailer in the United States

As Amazon workers in Alabama began their vote-count to determine whether they would set up a union – the first-ever Amazon union in the US – a fake Twitter bot posing as an anti-union amazon worker has been exposed.

An account with the handle @AmazonFCDarla joined Twitter a few days ago, and almost immediately started tweeting anti-union sentiments.

For example, one of the tweets reads “what bothers me most about unions is there’s no ability to opt out of dues! As a single mother with two boys I’m barely scraping by as it is, and now unions want to come to Amazon and make them pay a piece of my salary.”

“No thanks!”

Author Steven Greenhouse pointed out that the information shared by the account was actually incorrect.

Amazon said that they reported the Darla account to Twitter, and that it was fake.

The ‘Darla’ account has now been suspended.

However, Twitter users have pointed out other Twitter profiles claiming to be Amazon workers that look like bots. A number of them joined the app in March 2021 and have tweeted negatively about the union situation.

One of the apparent Amazon employees – whose Twitter name is Burt at OK4 – has a profile image taken from a member of the comedy group ‘Dude Perfect’.

The exact source of these accounts is as yet unconfirmed.

In 2018, Amazon acknowledged that a group of employees was charged with tweeting positively about their working environment.

Last week, Amazon was the subject of controversy after the official Amazon News Twitter tweeted blithely “you don’t believe all that stuff about peeing in bottles do you?” after criticism from a Wisconsin politician.

Amazon workers – particularly delivery drivers – have made repeated claims that they were forced to urinate in plastic bottles to make quotas.

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