“Failures Are Always Your Best Learning Lesson”: RedKite CMO

“Failures Are Always Your Best Learning Lesson”: RedKite CMO

In this instalment of B&T’s IN THE KNOW – a video series featuring top tips from Australian marketing professionals and all brought to you by film production company In The Thicket – we revisit Monique Keighery, general manager marketing and fundraising for kid’s cancer charity RedKite.

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Keighery previously spoke about the importance of marketers telling a legitimate story. Today, she says that marketers can learn lots of valuable lessons from their past mistakes.

She says everyone makes mistakes but rather than bury your head in the sand about them they’re actually valuable learning tools.

“One of the things we feel really strongly at RedKite is not only akncowledging when things haven’t gone right but actually documenting them; documenting learnings is actually a key part of our marketing strategy and when we develop new marketing strategies and develop new campaigns we go and re-visit the previous learnings from previous ones,” Keighery said.

“Very early on in my career I had a manager who was incredibly inspiring and generous, she took a real interest in my growth and development and part of that growth and development was sharing that best practise and achievements and doing things really well. But the other thing that created so much value for me was sharing when things didn’t go right.

“Her key learnings around failures and how to take those things forward… it’s confident leadership where you can learn from failures,” Keighery said.

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