Facebook Wants To Help, Not Hurt, TV: Facebook Research

Facebook Wants To Help, Not Hurt, TV: Facebook Research

A Facebook-commissioned Nielsen research claims that TV networks shouldn’t be afraid of the social networking company- instead they should be thankful that Facebook helps TV ads reach an additional 5 per cent of the population ignored by the average campaign.

The U.S. research analysed the reach of 25 campaigns on Facebook and TV across 2014 and 2015, and found that one in six people were seeing campaigns on Facebook only. The findings are more pronounced amongst millennials, where Facebook reaches an additional 22.6 per cent of 18-24 year olds and 14 per cent of 25-34 year olds.

“Based on this insight, we at Facebook believe a marketer should be planning video via an integrated media plan that brings together TV, VOD and digital video into a single coherent whole,” the report argued.

The report uses sport energy drink company Lucozade as an example of the combination power of television and Facebook. The study claims: “Had Lucozade not used Facebook in its 2015 Rugby World Cup sponsorship strategy then it would have missed a fifth (21.2 per cent) of the 7.2 million 13 to 34-year-old men they reached on the social network and on TV. This was done at a CPM 14X lower than TV, and drove ‘significant’ uplifts in cut-through and association between Lucozade and the key message.

“Rugby’s showpiece presented a prime opportunity to highlight our long-standing involvement in Rugby Union, and Facebook provided the most effective way to reach our target audience,” said Nathan Quaye, social media manager at Lucozade Sport.

“Facebook’s impact was clear: we were able to effectively reach our target audience with increased efficiency whilst also delivering significant uplifts across a number of key brand metrics.”

This research comes after the battle between Facebook and Television has reached boiling point- especially after Facebook admitted miscalculating pretty much all of its analytics: organic reach, video, Instant Articles, referrals and the average duration of video metric and Likes, Reactions and Shares.

During ReThinkTV Marketing Forum, TV’s biggest bosses in Australia- Paul Anderson (Ten), Hugh Marks (Nine), Peter Tonagh (Foxtel), and Tim Worner (Seven), Marks had his turn at attacking Facebook saying:  “If you are an advertiser you want transparency and accurate transparency. Our measurement is laser like… it’s not a moment in time, it’s averages; all marketers should demand that level of scrutiny from all providers.”

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