F. Whitlock & Sons Launches Immersive “Whitlock’s Tales Of Delicious Demise” AR Portal

F. Whitlock & Sons Launches Immersive “Whitlock’s Tales Of Delicious Demise” AR Portal

F. Whitlock & Sons is taking people even further out of their ordinary with the launch of an immersive, gamified Web AR Portal adventure, extending the brand’s disruptive “Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise” campaign.

Supported by Because Creative Experiences and immersive technology agency, Unbnd, F. Whitlock & Sons crafted the industry-first portal that users can access within their immediate environment via a virtual door.

Whitlock & Sons creative multi-channelled campaign, “Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise” launched earlier this year along with the brand smashing through another digital frontier by partnering with Aussie artist and social media star Campbell Walker, (Struthless), to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital artwork.

Inspired by the classic escape room format, the portal experience centres around the tales of Whitlock’s hero characters, Chip the Chipotle Pepper and Oscar and Rojo, the Fuego Chilli Beans.

Users are taken on a series of Whitlock’s challenges with interactive objects to obtain, clues to find and rewards to claim. The prizes include money, F. Whitlock & Sons® merchandise, cooking recipes or products within the brand’s new range.

The game will also include four grand mystery prizes, where users will need to find hidden numbers in both portals to unlock a four-digit code on the Whitlock’s treasure chest at the end of the experience.

Nicola Curran, F. Whitlock & Sons favour adventurist and brand purveyor, said: “We’ve loved working closely with Because to create an augmented reality experience that invites Aussies and Kiwis into the “Whitlock’s Portal of Delicious Demise” and lets them discover what it means to be a Whitlock’s-worthy adventurer.”

Gareth Brock, because managing partner, said: “It has been a rewarding experience developing this revolutionary Web AR technology to create a gamified, covid-safe, at-home experience that rewards Whitlock’s lovers, both old and new, in an innovative way.

“This is only just the beginning for our Whitlock’s Web AR Portal, with two more Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise challenges set to appear in the new year. We can’t wait to see Aussies and Kiwis interact with this technology and encourage them to feed their adventure online as flavour-focused trendsetters.”

To experience “Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise” Web AR Portal, scan any QR code found on F. Whitlock & Sons range in supermarkets or head to www.deliciousdemise.com to start the quest on combatting the ordinary.

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