Eyeota And Grapeshot Pair Up To Help Advertisers Target The Right Audience

Eyeota And Grapeshot Pair Up To Help Advertisers Target The Right Audience

Eyeota, leader for local audience data, and Grapeshot, leader in data provision for advertising targeting, have announced a partnership to launch Grapeshot Audience segments in the Eyeota Data Marketplace. This means that advertisers worldwide now gain access to Grapeshot Audience, enabling advertisers worldwide to find and target audiences based on recently read actual content.

Grapeshot deploys a powerful page crawling algorithm to identify the keywords on a page that signifies the content meaning. Grapeshot takes a reader of the page and allocates them to an audience segment, enabling advertisers to target a relevant message to them, wherever and whenever they are seen again.

Grapeshot Audience segments are matched against more than 1.8 billion Eyeota data profiles. For example, if a buyer wishes to target based on the Grapeshot Auto Family Audience segment, they are assured of reaching audiences that have previously engaged with content pertaining to family cars.

The audience data segments will be available to advertisers via Eyeota across the following platforms: AOL Platforms, Adap.TV, Adform, Adobe, Aggregate Knowledge, AppNexus, Audience Science, DataXu, Google DoubleClick, Krux, Lotame, TheTradeDesk, TubeMogul, Videology, Turn, RadiumOne and Rocket Fuel.

John Snyder, CEO of Grapeshot, said, “The Eyeota partnership means Grapeshot Audience will be available on pretty much every platform across the world.  Grapeshot advertisers in every country, may target audiences, detected and categorized, based on content read in 29 languages.

“This creates a marvelous opportunity for all brands to target high value audiences, on great value inventory, at significant scale worldwide.”

Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota, added, “The key to increasing engagement with your target audiences is to deliver personalized messages and to understand them in a new way – as humans. We are pleased to partner with Grapeshot to provide its powerful targeting segments based on content with which they have recently engaged with. This enables advertisers to target ads specifically at users to reach them effectively.”



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