Emporia Promotes Maxima Paper Towels In New Campaign, Via Reborn

Emporia Promotes Maxima Paper Towels In New Campaign, Via Reborn

Emporia, traditionally known for their luxury toilet tissue, has released their latest product to the range, a thick 4-ply paper towel that gives maximum absorbency for a faster clean.

To gain cut through as a challenger brand in a space dominated by major players, Reborn was tasked with creating a campaign that was unconventional for the category in order to drive maximum awareness of the product.

“It’s a given that consumers understand the benefits of paper towels, however we did have the advantage of having a product that is 4-ply and we needed to deliver this message in a memorable and entertaining way.

With this in mind we came up with the strategic proposition – ‘Freedom to live life and be messy’ –  What we did was demonstrate the superior absorbency power of Maxima so that it brought a smile to the mind”, Russell Turner, strategy director at Reborn.

Based around the demand for a paper towel that offers a swift clean through great absorbency, the campaign ‘Maxima gets you out of any mess’ was created.

“The light hearted take on cleaning up a dirty situation attracts people’s curiosity and we’re hoping that viewers will be hooked on the ad from the first few seconds. Having the product name and benefit ingrained in the punch line helps to cement brand affinity and recognition.” said Ed Lucraft, business director, Reborn.

“For Maxima to stand out on the shelves, we needed to create an ad that stood amongst its competitors. Reborn has managed to deliver a campaign that showcases Maxima 4-Ply’s maximum absorbency & efficiency, while at the same time encouraging a smile when spotted on the shelf.” Emmy Lukito, Emporia Maxima marketing manager.

Emporia Maxima 4-Ply paper towels are available in Woolworths supermarkets.


Client: Solaris Paper

Marketing Manager: Emmy Lukito               

Creative Agency: REBORN

Agency Lead: David Easton

Business Director: Ed Lucraft

Strategy Director: Russell Turner

Director: Eran Thomson

Production Company: Chimney Group

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