Edge Gets Xtra Sexy With Donut King

Edge Gets Xtra Sexy With Donut King

Edge has unveiled its latest campaign with Donut King, chronicling days in the life of a six-foot donut.

The campaign promotes the ‘Xtra Collection’, a limited time product range made in partnership with Nestlé.

The collection features a range of donuts that include a Nestlé chocolate product (Kit Kat, Smarties and Milky Bar) on top of the glaze.

Having recently been awarded the Donut King account, Edge developed the campaign, making light of the lo-fi product innovation as a ‘happy mistake’.

In one commercial, the giant donut encounters the love of his life – a Kit Kat – at a humdrum office party and the product is the result of their affair.

Donut King

In another, the giant donut squeezes into a packed office elevator alongside a grumpy box of Smarties only to later discover his icing caked in his co-worker’s tasty buds.

The 30-second and 15-second ads appear in cinema, on catch-up TV and Facebook.

Produced in partnership with Bright Works, the commercials were directed by Cameron D’Arcy.

Edge executive creative director Matt Batten commented: “It’s refreshing to be able to cut through the marketing speak and just have fun with a product and brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If a smashed up Kit Kat on a glazed donut isn’t a happy mistake, I don’t know what is”.

Edge was recently appointed the lead creative agency for Donut King alongside other recent new wins including Virgin Money and Freedom.

If the concept has piqued your appetite, you can view the Elevator and Party ads on Vimeo.


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