“Don’t Forget To Pay It Backwards”: Finecast’s Brett Poole Talks Career Goals & Hallmarks Of Success

“Don’t Forget To Pay It Backwards”: Finecast’s Brett Poole Talks Career Goals & Hallmarks Of Success

In the lead-up to B&T’s inaugural Best of the Best awards, we’re sitting down with each of our sponsors to find out why they’ve decided to throw their support behind the event, and get their thoughts on what it takes to be the very best in your chosen field of expertise.

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Here, we chat to Brett Poole, managing director of Finecast Australia (which just so happens to be our presenting partner for Best of the Best!)…

Why is Finecast supportive of recognising the Best of the Best in our industry?

When we first considered the concept of the Best of the Best awards, we reflected on the power of the individual in our industry and celebrating the talent and passion that drives them. Think of the number of times star players can not only make the critical difference in a business or project, but also help lift and inspire an entire team to sustained greatness and even help mould more amazing individuals. The impact is incredible and deserves recognition.

I also think that it’s important to remember that being the ‘best’ isn’t about ego or pretending to be all-knowing. Often, the best in someone is brought out by those around them, so while we’re celebrating individuals, we love that we’re supporting and celebrating the entire industry.

That brings me to the other characteristic of the awards we really loved: the scope of the categories. I think this could rank as one of the most inclusive awards across our industry and it is a wonderful reminder that at some point, we all rely on each other to create the very best work. Industry collaboration is something we hold close to our hearts at Finecast, so the combination of individual belief, coupled with a sense of togetherness in our industry, really hit it home for the Finecast team to get involved.

Are there any stand-out traits an individual or team must possess to be the best at something?

It’s such a great and difficult question to articulate without veering into ‘unicorn’ territory.

Whatever part of our industry you are in, I do believe that there are some key fundamental traits that are the hallmarks of success. For example, having an open mind to possibilities, the ability to listen and adapt to the changing circumstances are important qualities. Positivity, patience and proactivity for challenges that lie ahead. The ability to dream big or have a sense of entrepreneurship can go a long way in a world where often mundane steps on the path to our goal are a fact of life. And lastly, a personality that attracts other talent respectfully and with a collaborative spirit.

Okay, maybe I did stray into unicorn territory a little! But there is no set recipe – it’s different for everyone.

How have you encouraged the Finecast team to deliver their best work during COVID-19 pandemic?

The new COVID working environment hit our team as hard as probably every other team in our industry. Collaboration – that thing we care so much about at Finecast – became kind of unnatural and difficult to maintain in a home environment, and we soon realised how much we relied on each other’s physical presence to bounce ideas off each other; to be great at our jobs.

Whilst I would say that we’re much more experienced these days, the early days of the pandemic were certainly hard. We’ve all adapted, but it’s still challenging at times. Trying to maintain our culture and create our own brand of supportive teamwork was top of mind during a crazy period. In response, the team decided to put short but immovable meetings in the morning diary – three days a week to recreate some office banter and help transition our growing team into the new environment. We also got very flexible with time and time off so the team could help transition their own life and family outside of the demands of Finecast. We became very sensitive to the pressure that is placed on each of the team.

Lastly, I think it’s important that even the Best of the Best are not superheroes, and to remember everyone has had their difficulties with the type of change we have seen over the past year. Be kind to yourself and others.

How does Finecast ensure it attracts (and retains) top talent?

At Finecast, we have a very clear and transformational vision: to advance TV advertising for brands and viewers. We tend to attract people who are inspired by what the future of TV could and should look like, and are not afraid to push the boundaries a little.

We’ve grown a lot in the past year. Since launching in October 2018, we’ve seen triple-digit growth, and we’re still growing and looking for talented people to join our teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We like to think that we hire the best of the best, and we’ve built a warm group of people who are all totally aligned on that vision. We’ve worked hard to create a super-safe environment for people that genuinely like being together, but are empowered to challenge each other and share differing views to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

In addition, Finecast is only three years old next month, so we still look and act a little bit like a start-up. Our team tend to thrive in that environment, and as the business grows quickly, there is plenty of headroom for personal skills and career growth.

What advice do you have for those trying to separate themselves from the rest and reach the pinnacle of their career?

Firstly, find what you love and focus on it. Develop an understanding both of what is it about you that sets you apart and what is it about you that brings people together.

Next, it sounds obvious, but get good at what you do. Take the time to hone your craft – it won’t happen overnight. I think it comes back to putting effort into preparation and learning your craft and skills.

Constantly seek knowledge and expand your experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and recognise the skills of people that know more than you and take risks. Usually, the best talent is forged through many failures large and small.

Finally, don’t forget to pay it backwards. As you progress, help someone else up.

B&T’s inaugural Best of the Best awards, presented by Finecast, will be held TODAY (Friday 10 September) at 4pm AEST. Register HERE now to secure your free spot and get ready to celebrate!

And, if you’re looking to get in the awards spirit prior to kick-off this arvo, check out who made the Best of the Best shortlist, and give our interview with finalist and F1 star Daniel Ricciardo a read.

Once again, a huge thanks to Finecast and the rest of our fabulous sponsors for making B&T’s newest awards program possible!

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