Dogs Bring Back Hope In Emotional PEDIGREE Spot Via AlmapBBDP

Dogs Bring Back Hope In Emotional PEDIGREE Spot Via AlmapBBDP

The campaign created by Brazilian AlmapBBDO encourages adoption by comparing a dogs’ love for fetch, bringing back hope and love for their humans.

According to the World Health Organization, 5.8 per cent of Brazilians suffer from depression.

In that state, it’s common for people to think that life has no meaning and that whatever they’ve lost will never come back.

But many of those who are ready to give up on hope and throw away their will to go on eventually find love and happiness brought back to them in a very simple way: the presence of a dog in their lives.

To reinforce the positive effect that dogs have on humans, PEDIGREE turned to the most common game between a caretaker and their pet: throwing something for the dog to fetch and bring back.

Watch the emotional short film here:

The brand used this playful activity to launch a campaign encouraging adoption, with creative development by AlmapBBDO.

In addition to an animated short, telling a beautiful, poetic story, the initiative included the creation of a line of fetch toys emblazoned with the words “love,” “happiness,” “life,” and “hope,” which were sent out to influencers and people who had recently been through a difficult experience.

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Whenever one of them threw “happiness” far away, for example, they’d find their faithful dog bringing it back.

With this simple analogy, PEDIGREE seeks to create even more awareness about the importance of adopting a dog, showing just how much happiness they bring to our lives.

PEDIGREE Brazil marketing director, Gabriela Faria said: “Adopting an animal is an act of shared love – the adopter also receives a number of benefits in exchange.

“Studies from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, for example, show that pets can benefit your health, reduce stress, improve senior citizens’ quality of life, and help children’s development.


Agency: AlmapBBDO

Advertiser: MARS


Product: PEDIGREE®

CCO: Luiz Sanches

Executive Creative Directors: Andre Gola, Pernil , Bruno Prosperi, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira

Creatives: Pedro Corbett, Firulo

RTVC: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva

Production: LOBO/Vetor Zero

Executive Producers: Alberto Lopes and Sergio Salles

Directors: Gabriel and AltonAnimation Director: Fabiano Broki

Liaison: Thaís Lopes

Post-Production Management: Clara Morelli, and Rosângela Gomes

Post-Production: Vivi Torre

Post-Production: Equipe LOBO/Vetor Zero

Audio Production: Cabaret

Music Production: Cyro Neto and Guilherme Azem

Composer: Andre Henrique

Mixing and Post: Gab Scatolin

Liaisons: Ingrid Lopes/ Flávia Caparelli

Management: Verusca Garcia/ Junior Freitas

AlmapBBDO Liaisons: Camilla Massari, Flavia Fusco, Renata Zuccarelli, Rafaela Braga

Planning: Cintia Gonçalves, João Gabriel, David Gross, Julia Hodgkiss Prais, Leo Belquiman

Media: Daniel Ribeiro, Thabata Hidalgo, Marina Leitão

Client Approval: David Griffin, Marina Sachs, Guillermo Hermosillo, Daniel Calderoni, Gabriela Faria, Marianna Oliveira

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