Digital Media Fraud Rates Of 7.1% Prompt New Partnership Between RadiumOne And IAS

Digital Media Fraud Rates Of 7.1% Prompt New Partnership Between RadiumOne And IAS

RadiumOne today announced a global partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to measure the quality of global digital media and, as a result, help drive industry transparency and best practice.

The partnership was born out of an interesting report from IAS – H1 2016 Media Quality Report – which uncovered the programmatic industry benchmark across key metrics such as ad fraud, viewability and brand safety. Within this report, it showed that the average industry fraud rate sat at around 8.3 per cent for all programmatic advertising technology vendors surveyed by IAS in the first six months of 2016.

RadiumOne’s fraud rate was 3.4 per cent, with the IAS defining ad fraud as any deliberate activity that prevents ads from being served to human users. IAS reports that 7.1 per cent of all digital advertising display impressions are fraudulent, meaning campaigns are being delivered to ‘bot’ users rather than actual human users.

In its drive to power more accountable marketing, RadiumOne integrated IAS’s pre-bid targeting solutions for banner and video advertising.

Average percentage in-view measures the proportion of served impressions that can be seen by human viewers, wherever they are. IAS reports that more than half of all digital ads today are not viewable.

IAS measured RadiumOne’s average in-view rate at 53 per cent for video and 57 per cent for banners, coming in 64 per cent and 10 per cent higher than the 32 per cent and 52 per cent in-view rates, respectively, reported for other programmatic vendors.

On measures of brand safety, which characterise the suitability of publisher content for advertising, RadiumOne served its clients’ campaigns into ‘high to very high risk’ media only one per cent of the time – 30 per cent better than other programmatic vendors, which averaged 1.4 per cent.

“At RadiumOne, our mission is to help brands run data-driven marketing campaigns that connect with consumers in powerful ways,” said RadiumOne AUNZ MD Adam Furness. “Part of doing what’s best for the client is helping support positive steps in the wider programmatic space.

“In response to ongoing questions, we’re beginning to see the industry trend towards increased visibility and opening up best practice frameworks. Our partnership with IAS aims to keep that momentum going.”

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