Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Ikea Want There To Be No Empty Chairs This Christmas

Ikea Germany have taken furniture owners to task this Christmas by developing a platform that pairs Christmas dinner hosts with people hard on your luck or just plain lonely.  It’s a lovey concept and one that draws on the sentiment of the season whilst still maintaining a link back to the brand: after all, tables and chairs are really about people congregating. To take a look click here.


Your Password Sucks

Everyone knows someone who’s twitter or mail account has been hacked and it’s scary. But still we seem to keep making the same mistakes when it comes to passwords.  In fact we use obvious passwords all the time. Perhaps it’s laziness or a lack of creativity, but just how obvious are the passwords you use? Well this clever algorithm will tell you, based on popular patterns and analysis of thousands of passwords: Telepathwords can predict with insane accuracy your password choice by analysing sequences of letters and numbers.


Zombie Drones

The word ‘drone’ is searched almost 3,000 times a month in Australia alone.  These remote copters were pioneered by the military and are now being used by brands to create PR and cheap delivery systems. Q. What often follows brands? A. Hackers; and SkyJack is an adapted drone with tweaks that allow it to take control of other drones mid-flight – essentially turning them into zombies. As if delivering things wasn’t hard enough already, now we have potential sky pirates to deal with.


Electric Car Owner Arrested

In a fine example of first world confusion, a US man was arrested at his kids school for stealing electricity. The kicker is that instead of a phone or boombox he had plugged in his electric car and managed to leech out about 40c worth of juice before being arrested.  This raises some fascinating questions about the right to recharge: we all at some point have plugged a mobile phone into a power point at a restaurant, caf√© or airport without a second thought – perhaps the rules of re-charging etiquette are going to need a re-writing.


Voice Petition

It’s surprising this has never been done before, but that’s why it’s good. A petition against gun violence that captures your voice: literally.  Developed by McCann NY for the Brady Foundation the petition aims to create a sea of voices that will be used to put pressure on and a message to congress to tighten gun laws in a country rife with gun violence. 

Andrew Reeves, communications director, Naked Communications

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