Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' Andrew Reeves scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized portions.

Collaborative Book Making

Behavioural science tells us that getting audiences to act or participate in a project, whether it’s advertising or charitable, increases their involvement and commitment to whatever outcomes are attached to it. That’s why this project from Six:Thirty stood out: it’s a clever experiment applied to design book publishing where the audience actually lays out the pages using augmented touchscreens. What are the chances you’d buy a book you helped create? Wow, check it out

Disney Creates Interactive Paper Products

Disney’s R&D team conjured up another amazing innovation. This time, turning children’s books interactive without batteries. They’ve achieved this through the clever application of materials like Teflon and Silver coated polyester.  The interaction of these materials, when manipulated in a fun way by the reader, creates power enough to run LED lights and other elements within the paper narratives.

UNIQLO – Hair Dos

Japanese fashion brand Uniqulo is a vanguard when it comes to popularising and commercialising GIF’s. For this clever project they have created 16 ‘How To’ GIF’s for 16 popular hairstyles paired with 16 Uniqlo looks. All the tiles are inherently social in design and can be shared as a string on Pinterest. Low cost x high impact GIF’s = nice.

Red Bull Instagram Stop Motion

Always on the hunt for new ways to create branded content – Red Bull captured their recent Welsh cliff diving event by stitching together some 21,000 images snapped by three instagram photographers. The stop motion video, which runs for 2 minutes, does an incredible job of capturing the day and the excitement of the dives. The instagram filters also give the piece an eerie timelessness

Getting Audiences To Pay Attention To Pre Roll

Over the years numerous ad models have been rolled out to try and get people to pay attention to pre-roll videos. Minteye a software provider have introduced an interesting innovation that AOL are now using. The mechanic is simple – when a user is served a pre-roll they now have the choice to slide and skip.  Sliding resolves the video into a static ad image; it even tells you how much time you skipped. User saves time – advertiser gets their message across. See it here

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