Daily Mail Australia: A Story In Numbers

Daily Mail Australia: A Story In Numbers

The Daily Mail Online is the newest kid on the block in Australian news, but comes from one of the oldest newspapers in the United Kingdom. Here we tell the website’s story in statistics.

In Australia, The Daily Mail is a digital-led business that breaks news as it happens. It has a local editorial team of more than 60 led by editor Luke McIlveen.

The website has placed strong attention on photo investment and is subsequently very visually led. It’s also proud of the fact that it never resorts to click-bait and that’s evident in its news headline style. It’s also politically neutral, but then again that’s what you’d expect from a brand that’s flown beneath the radar; until now.

According to the July 2015 Nielson Online Ratings, The Daily Mail Australia is now reaching 2.88 million Australians, which places it at number four within the News category. However given it’s the only site with six months of consecutive growth, that number four could soon turn into a three.

Audience growth is up 22.3 per cent year on year. People visiting the Daily Mail Australia homepage spend almost two hours more a month on the site compared to its competitors, at four hours and 23 minutes a month. This stickiness has given the site the number one position for session time within the News category, with an average of 12 minutes per session.

Daily Mail Australia readers are 56 per cent aged between 25 and 54, 79 per cent of them are educated professionals and they are affluent – average household income is $91,000, and one in three have a household income of more than $100,000.

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