Cummins&Partners To Farewell Adam Ferrier, Jim Ingram & Ben Couzens

Cummins&Partners To Farewell Adam Ferrier, Jim Ingram & Ben Couzens

Cummins&Partners has announced that alumni Adam Ferrier (pictured above), Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens will leave the independent creative agency to start a new venture.

The departure times of the trio are still to be announced, but Cummins&Partners CEO Chris Jeffares said the agency is not looking to replace them.

“We have great depth in our existing ranks, so the opportunities this creates is exciting for all of the team,” he said.

“The agency had a very fast start over our first three years, and these guys have really helped keep up this momentum over the next three.”

Jim Ingram

Pictured: Jim Ingram

Ben Couzens

Pictured: Ben Couzens

Cummins&Partners founder Sean Cummins said Ferrier, Ingram and Couzens seemed a little surprised by how positive he was when they told him of their desire to do their own thing.

“I have spent my career championing entrepreneurialism in this industry, and I’m excited for anyone who has the audacity to create a new venture,” he said.

“Our agency thrives on creativity and change, and I’ve always looked on with great pride as our alumni have started their own agencies, start-ups or even become artists or reality TV celebs on MKR and Masterchef.

“And I will look on with great pride and enthusiasm as their journey unfolds too.”

The trio said in a joint statement that they have loved every minute of their time at Cummins&Partners.

“It’s been a great journey with loads of success, and we’ve each learned a lot,” the statement read.

“We’ll miss the good energy that radiates from this place and wish the crew all the best.”

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