Cue The Censors! Honey Birdette’s Back With Latest #NOTYOURVALENTINE Campaign

Cue The Censors! Honey Birdette’s Back With Latest #NOTYOURVALENTINE Campaign

Controversial Aussie lingerie retailer Honey Birdette has returned with its latest Valentine’s Day campaign and it will do nothing to appease the brand’s many detractors.

Called #NOTYOURVALENTINE, the campaign features both a racy print and social media iteration.

The campaign was photographed on location at a vintage restoration motorbike gallery in Los Angles and stars Australian model Sarah Stephens bound in leather and a hint of lace in what Honey Birdette claims “pushes the boundaries in this celebration of strong women embracing their sexuality”.

The Aussie retailer has repeatedly caught the ire of censors due to its racy campaigns and complaints from mothers who’ve been offended by the provocative nature of its in-store point-of-sale material.

Last year alone, it was reported that the company had 14 of its campaigns banned by the Advertising Standards Board due to the salacious nature of the imagery and copywriting.

However, Honey Birdette’s managing director Eloise Monaghan said people who complained were simply out of touch with the times.

Last September, Monaghan answered criticism after two models were shown in an intimate embrace.

“It’s 2018. It’s ridiculous,” Monaghan said. “You’d see more touching in a food court, and it’s parents’ responsibility to explain to their kids that two women can be together.

“That’s not how I view my company. We’re 90 per cent female in our office. Our team absolutely love it.

“The funny thing is it doesn’t raise an eyebrow in the States or the UK.

“It’s okay for a men’s magazine to be in a newsagency facing out with boobs everywhere, but when Honey Birdette does it in a classy manner for women and by women – I don’t know what these groups are afraid of,” she said.

Honey Birdette’s #NOTYOURVALENTINE collection launches on the 10 January 2019 and will be available exclusively at Honey Birdette Boutiques in Australia, the UK and the USA.



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