Complaints About David Jones Latest #ItsInYou Ad Dismissed

Complaints About David Jones Latest #ItsInYou Ad Dismissed

The Advertising Standards board (ASB) has received several complaints about David Jones’ latest campaign; but the complaints are not about DJs’ latest ambassador Adam Goodes, people are complaining about the ‘overly sexualised’ segments featuring Jessica Gomes and Juliette barton.

The #ItsInYou campaign featured Goodes, model Jessica Gomes, You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, Alex Russell, Tahnee Atkinson, Sydney Dance company director Juliette Barton and Amy Pejkovic in the campaign, which is set to Kanye West’s Power. The campaign was created by Whybin\TBWA & Maud.

Though Adam Goodes did cop some racist backlash on Facebook, the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has received complaints about Jessica Gomes and Juliette Bartons appearances.

The 15 second TVCs featuring Gomes (confident) and Barton (fierce)

Some of the complaints include: “This advertisement isn’t just demonstrating their product, the degree of skin exposure, the expressions and the movements of the models are sexualised and aimed at eliciting a sexual response.

“David Jones should consider whether a website largely viewed by children and adolescents is an ideal – or even necessary – place to advertise this content on.

“Are 10-year-old children DJ’s main demographic for lingerie?”

David Jones responded:

“Each advertisement features an inspiring individual from the arts or sports genre.

“There are no lewd, offensive or suggestive poses. The underwear worn by Jessica Gomes provides appropriate coverage and is no different to swimwear.

“Juliette Barton wears a long flowing dress and her skin is only exposed as she dances, which is inevitable. Her style of dance is contemporary and not remotely sexual.”

The ASB ruled in David Jones’ favour: The Board noted the advertisement was seen on various websites including an anime streaming website and considered that the target market for this website is adults, not children, and that even if children were to view the advertisement in the Board’s view it did treat the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience.

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