Coca-Cola US Creates World-First Drinkable Billboard

Coca-Cola US Creates World-First Drinkable Billboard

Basketball fans in the States got a surprise at the NCAA Men’s Final Four in Indianapolis, Indiana, when Coca-Cola unveiled its ‘drinkable’ campaign.

The drinkable advertising campaign really came to life through a giant billboard fans could literally drink from.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the billboard features a giant straw that dispenses Coke Zero down the straw, spelling out ‘Taste It’ along the way, before landing in sampling stations on the ground people can drink from.

“This campaign is based on the simple insight that many people think they know the taste of Coke Zero, but they actually don’t,” said Racquel Mason, vice president at Coca-Cola in North America.

“Drinkable advertising is an innovative approach to removing barriers and making it ridiculously easy for those who are open to try Coke Zero to enjoy it in fun and unique ways.”

Check out how the billboard came to life below.

The billboard is just one aspect of the ad campaign, with Coke Zero also launching drinkable mall kiosks, and drinkable ads. The kiosks and ads use music discovery app, Shazam.

According to Coke, the TV spot will show a Coke Zero being poured, followed by a prompt to use Shazam. Once opening the app, the spot will translate to the mobile device, and once the Coke has finished pouring the user will receive a coupon for Coke Zero.

The kiosks also utilise Shazam, where the user’s phone becomes a straw for them to ‘drink’ the rest of the Coke. Then it’s a free coupon to redeem for Coke Zero.

Coke Zero also has drinkable flyers it’s handing out, with the flyers turning into straws. The receiver then gets a free coupon to redeem the fizzy, low-cal drink.

Anyone keen for this to come Down Under?


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