Coca-Cola Latest Campaign Is Getting Trolled Hard On Tumblr

Coca-Cola Latest Campaign Is Getting Trolled Hard On Tumblr

Coca-Cola’s #GIFTheFeeling campaign is the latest social media stunt to have the absolute piss taken out of it by Tumblr users.

Last week, the brand dumped its seven-year slogan “Open Happiness,” for the more product-centric “Taste the Feeling”. Coca-Cola’s chief marketing officer, Marcos de Quinto said the change “puts the focus back on the product.”

A super fresh social media campaign has been rolled out with Coke releasing a GIF maker which provided fans a series of templates and invited them to overlay “a feeling” on top of the GIF. Tumblr users have quickly jumped on the opportunity to make some hectic ‘taglines’ of their own:


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Coca-Cola has responded to the GIF trolls, telling Digiday: “Our intention is to invite people to share their feelings in fun and uplifting ways as they discover our new ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign. While the vast majority have used ‘GIF The Feeling’ in positive ways, it’s unfortunate to see that some people have chosen to use our campaign to do just the opposite.”

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