Clive Palmer Sues YouTuber For Calling Him A ‘Fatty McF**khead’

Clive Palmer Sues YouTuber For Calling Him A ‘Fatty McF**khead’

Australian political figure Clive Palmer is demanding $500,000 in damages after a popular YouTuber described him as a “Fatty McF**khead” and “a dense Humpty Dumpty”.

Jordan Shanks (feature image) – who goes by his username FriendlyJordies – has revealed Palmer is suing him for defamation for a video that was posted in January 2019 and then re-released on the eve of this year’s Federal Election.

A letter written by Palmer’s lawyer Sam Iskander from Alexander Law states, which Shanks shared on his YouTube channel, states: “Our client has suffered actual damage as a result of the defamatory comments published, but not limited to: extreme embarrassment and humiliation; and damage to professional, personal and political reputation.”

“We are instructed to commence defamation proceedings against you in the Supreme Court at Brisbane for general damages, special damages and even possibly aggravated damages in the amount of $500,000.”

Despite the looming legal battle, Shanks seemed unperturbed by the threat of Palmer and his lawyers.

“In Clive’s attempt to pervert the law, he made one tiny miscalculation and that is – I’m a millennial,” he said.

“Going bankrupt doesn’t scare me, I don’t have a house!

“Thanks to your four-decade-long support of the Coalition you took anything of value away from me before I was even born Clive. I have as many assets as you have seats in Parliament – none!”

The video detailing the legal action already has over 500,000 views.

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