“Cheddar Shocker!” Processed Cheese Slices Voted UK’s Favourite Cheese

“Cheddar Shocker!” Processed Cheese Slices Voted UK’s Favourite Cheese

If there’s anything the Brits do really well it’s TV comedy, fantastic cheeses, bickering royals and antagonising its European neighbours.

So, a new survey that’s voted processed cheese slices as the nation’s number one cheese will surely come as shock to a nation that produces the likes of cheddar, stilton and red Leicester.

The Brits have long had a reputation of being cheese snobs and a terrific rivalry remains between them and France’s Bries and Camemberts.

So, the new research, conducted by food delivery service Foodhub, will undoubtedly come as a shock to the nation’s gourmets and bon vivants.

According to the results, the British classic cheddar was shunted into second place in favour of the burger staple, which four in 10 Brits said they liked best. With Italy taking third spot with mozzarella. Red Leicester and Halloumi completed the top five favourites.

When it came to the most disliked cheese, the whiffy blue took the crown, with goat’s cheese not far behind.

Interestingly, one in 10 British men said they hate cheese and never ate it, while 10 per cent of the 2000 people surveyed agreed that eating cheese before going to bed gave you nightmares.

Almost one in five Brits said they eat cheese every day, with more than half agreeging that British cheese was best, while France came a distant second on 30 per cent.

The top 10 favourite cheeses and their percentage votes in order were:

Processed Cheese slice – 40%

Cheddar – 33%

Mozzarella – 20%

Red Leicester – 19%

Halloumi – 18%

Brie – 17%

Stilton – 15%

Parmesan – 14%

Feta – 14%

Double Gloucester – 13%

Commenting on the findings, Ardian Mula, the CEO of Foodhub, said: “We already know that Britain loves its cheese. However, we’re surprised at how well received the processed cheese slice has been.

“A lot of people turn their nose up at this product but, our research clearly shows it is the nation’s favourite. Clearly much of this comes from the fact we love it on burgers and sandwiches.”




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